Reflecting on Lent with St. Francis: A Franciscan Journey

Picking up “Lent with St. Francis” by Leo Sherley-Price is akin to embarking on a contemplative walk with the Saint himself. Compiled from translated excerpts of early Franciscan writings, the book offers a daily Lenten companion, guiding us through the season with the wisdom of the Franciscan tradition.

As a Franciscan, reading this book feels like revisiting the wellspring of our spirituality. The focus on simplicity, humility, and creation resonates deeply. Daily readings on poverty, obedience, and joy in the ordinary echo the pillars of our way of life. Sherley-Price’s curation serves as a gentle reminder of the core Franciscan values that can easily be obscured by the busyness of daily life.

However, the true strength of the book lies in its timelessness. While written with Lent in mind, the meditations transcend the season. Francis’ call to care for creation feels particularly relevant in today’s world grappling with environmental issues. His emphasis on inner peace and living simply resonates in our consumption-driven society.

The book serves as a springboard for our own Lenten (and life) journey. The daily readings can be the starting point for deeper reflection and prayer. Passages on poverty can inspire a period of mindful detachment from material possessions. Reflections on creation can motivate us to be better stewards of the Earth.

“Lent with St. Francis” is not merely a historical text; it’s a call to action for Franciscans of all stripes. It reminds us to return to the essence of our tradition and integrate its timeless message into our contemporary lives. By incorporating these elements – simplicity, care for creation, and inner peace – we can not only enrich our own Lenten observance but also offer a Franciscan perspective to the world around us.

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This month’s featured book, “Immortal Diamond” by Richard Rohr, delves into the search for our authentic selves in God. Building on his previous work, Rohr argues that our ego, or “False Self,” hinders spiritual growth. “Immortal Diamond” goes a step further, proposing a “True Self” buried within, waiting to be unearthed. The book offers guidance on navigating this spiritual excavation, providing tools and insights to shed the layers of ego and uncover the “diamond” within. Through this process of transformation, not mere revival, we can achieve true spiritual maturity and connect with the deepest questions of identity, purpose, and meaning.

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